Get Your Ticket! The Great Chocolate Pool/Gumtanger/Candysickle Disaster


To my great delight, the grade 4 and 5 students at Henderson Annex surprised me with amazingly detailed stories their very first week of writing club!  Using drama as an imagination starter, we built machines using our bodies,sounds and actions.  The machine sped up and eventually exploded.  That’s when student ideas exploded onto the page.  They all had to create their own story based on a machine/invention that got all out of whack and include some of the sounds and sensory details of the event.   Seerit even made the special invitation that you see below.  I’ll be sure to be there!  Some outstanding student writing is shared below.  Enjoy (and do leave a comment or two).  

ImageThe Great Paper Machine Disaster

By: Deepali

     Once upon a time there was a chocolate machine in Vancouver, BC.  The Chocolate Paper Machine looked like a long choo-choo train.  There was a big chomper part and a giant slide that went, “Doo-tic-ticky-doo.”  There was even a big squasher that made the shapes of the pieces of paper.  When you hold the paper and smell it, it smells like worms in a mud puddle that get stuck in your shoes.

     The owner of the factory Mrs. Honeydew was in a deep sleep at five in the afternoon when she heard a strange noise coming from the factory, a kind of ‘speeding up’ noise.  She woke up and ran to the factory.  It sounded weird.

     Mrs. Honeydew did not know much about the factory even though she owned it.  She wondered how to turn off the machine.  She pressed a lot of buttons but they did not work. There was one button though, and she did not know what it did.

     She looked over at the machine and saw the slide moving and the chomper chomping and the squasher squashing.  It sounded like a coo-coo clock that said, “Duck-doo!  Duck-doo!”, instead of “Doo-tic-ticky-doo.”  She looked at the button, pressed it and……..BOOM! The machine exploded!  Chocolate went everywhere!  Mrs. Honeydew had chocolate on her whole face and she looked like a chocolate monster.  She smelled like oranges in a mud puddle.

     She took a bath and found another job, since her career in making chocolate paper was definitely over.  This time she decided to be a dancer.  

     I wonder what her next adventure will be?  

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