Hygiene and Hoof fang…

No, it is not some dread disease, but rather some pretty creative themes for writing theme or character based pieces. Yesterday I delivered some professional development for teachers at Henderson Annex.  What a delight to see what emerged from their artistic selves.  We learned about using drama to connect to stories and to strengthen student writing and they got to pen 3 different kinds of poems that they could later share and use with their students.  Here’s one we wrote together.  They stumped me with the theme of  ‘hygiene’, but we got through it.  



By:  The Teachers at Henderson Annex

If hygiene were a colour it would be rosy pink.

It would be as warm as a bubble bath in the evening.

It would taste like, cool, refreshing mint and feel as silky as the inside of a kitten’s ear.  

It would smell like something from Chanel and sound squeaky clean like newly washed hair.  


In addition, here are some highlights from the grade 1-3 class.  While writing a play they are learning about description and details.  Here are 2 Who Am I poems from week one.  

By:  Gurtaj Ja… Grade 2

Name:  King

Lives:  In a hole in  a tree.

Enjoys: Making scary noises.

Favourite Game:  Follow the King Cobra.

Parents:  Postre and Krack.

Is afraid of:  Dragons.

Spends most of his time:  Staring into dark places.

Wishes:  To become invisible.

Gets in trouble for:  Eating people.

Eats:  Rats, mice and rodents.

Special skills:  Practicing scary noises.  

Who am I?


By:  Harnoor Grade 3

Name:  Rosie.

Lives:  In a mini house.

Enjoys:  Bones.

Favourite Game:  Find the bone.

Parent:  Lucy.

Is afraid of:  Some humans.

Spends most of her time:  Taking naps.

Wishes:  To find the most bones to become famous.

Gets in trouble for:  Taking people’s things.

Eats:  Carrots, chocolate and tomatoes.

Special skills:  Digging, rolling and hiding.

Who am I?  


Feel free to comment on these poems!

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