Wrapping Up in Style at Henderson Annex!

This is the final week of my residency at Henderson Annex and I have been very impressed with how all of the kids embraced their writing utensils, fired up their imaginations, challenged themselves to improve their grammar and descriptive language skills and set forth to create!  Even in 5 sessions, there was a marked change.  Today, we celebrate some more of the stories from Division 4 and 5.  These emerged from a drama exercise we did using illustrations from “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.”


By Seerit:

     I thought he had such a mischievous smile.  It looked like he was cackling or something.  I was very dehydrated.  I knew that the only food we had was for when we got to the castle.  

     “Oh no!  Why was the man finding his bow and arrow?”  He spotted me looking at him from the corner of his eye.  He broke into a smile again.  Thump! Thump! Thump!  He sent his army to attack us!  

     I told the others to jump out and ‘whoosh’, an arrow hit my foot.  “Owwwww!” I cried.  Quickly Savleen, Unjali and Anand came to help me.  The pulled the arrow out and covered the wound.  We were all dodging bullets, cannons and arrows.  At a quarter to two, we finally  made it to the castle.  It was a glittery, glistening, site.  I felt like I was in heaven until ‘he’ saw me with those dark, evil eyes of his.  I gulped. My throat was as dry as the desert.  We all stepped into the castle.  That was when it hapened….TO BE CONTINUED


By Shumail


     I opened the door to my attic and solemnly emerged from the doorway.  I looked around, eyes wide, my head spinning.  I glared at a tiny door.  Suddenly my head started spinning wildly, my eyes widened and my feet were glued to the floor!  I stared in amazement as I watched the door knob turn.  Out jumped a little goblin.  It was as green as goo, its hands were half human and half frog, and pinned onto its gooey body was the word ‘Puddlegum.’ It threw something then went back inside.  JELLIES!   


By Unjali

     I could spot the man’s long, white, bushy beard.  I could also see his enormous mouth moving with the wind.  I could feel the strong wind pass my face over and over.  I could smell some mysterious food coming from the castle.  I could nearly taste the food.  I was so hungry.  I could hear the man mumbling to himself about something.


By Simrit

     I had just taken the first step into my house and I noticed something different.  It seemed like something was moving.  I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find what was moving.  I looked out the window and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  The house was moving!  I fell to the ground and shut my eyes, then I opened them really, really slowly.  Finally, I opened them all  the way.  Was all of this my imagination???  I gasped.  


By Manahil

The Goblins

     I tiptoed to  my attic.  I saw a goblin.  It was in a box.  I didn’t really want to open it.  The goblin had spooky eyes.  It was red and green and moved quickly towards me.  I was so scared!  I didn’t know what to do.  The only thing I did was run away.  I ran to my living room.  I was gonna’ faint.  The last thing I saw was my Mother’s Day present…then I hit the floor.  


By Amrit

     Just as I pulled into my driveway, I thought I noticed something different about my house.  I started to see smoke and smell it but I didn’t know where it was coming from, so I started to investigate and explore.  After looking for where the smoke was coming from I decided to go inside.  I went in and walked up the stairs.  Just as I hit the middle of the staircase….I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  My house was moving…in fact it wasn’t just moving, it was flying!  I didn’t know what to do.  I was panicking and my heart was racing.  I was so scared and nervous.  I took a minute to calm down and took a breath.  I thought, was I dreaming or was this really happening???


By Fiza

     We crept slowly down the stairs.  We went down, down, down the stairs.  Suddenly the door knob started to turn.  We froze.  Our legs started to shiver.  Then the door opened.  We all said, “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”  It was a goblin!  We saw that it had blue and pink on it.  We both fainted as the goblin started climbing up our legs.  







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