If I Were…Poems by Nithila,Simrit,Sameer, Sukhmani, Anna and Manahil

Our writers at Henderson Annex are growing in vocabulary, ideas and expression.  On this beautiful, sunny morning, it is my pleasure to post some of their most recent work.  What would you be if you could be any animal or creature?  A penguin perhaps, or a dolphin or the mythical dosharkgo (part dog, part shark and part goat) made up by Sameer?  Enjoy division 4 and 5’s writing.  

By Nithila

If I were a penguin, I would dive in the deep, deep water and swim up and down smoothly like a penguin would do.

I would stare at the ocean fish and stalk as many fish as I could.  

At dinner time I would breathe the air and sleep sweetly.  


By Simrit

If I were a dolphin, I could swim as fast as lightning.

Watch me as I swim around the ocean one thousand times.

Know  I have seen so many creatures under water.

Feel me as I am as soft as a blanket.

If I were a dolphin I would say, “Yeeeeeeeeeeee!”

If I were a dolphin, I would be as pretty as a princess.  


By Sameer

If I were a dosharkgo (a dog, shark and goat mixed together) I could use my mystical powers.  

Know I have seen magical creatures.

Feel me as I sigh through the wind.

If I were a dosharkgo I would say, “You can’t defeat me!”

If I were a dosharkgo, I would howl at the full moon.


By Sukhmani

If I were a cat, I could jump and reach the clouds.

Watch me as I scare the turtles in their terrarium.

Know I HAVE scared them.

Feel me as I walk away in the dark.

If I were a cat I would say, “The noon sun is gone and it is time for me to sleep.”

If I were a cat, I would jump as high as the sun.  


By Manahil

If I were a bunny, I could skip through the meadow as fast as a cheetah.

Know, I have seen a big, gigantic bug in the grass. 

Feel me as I run as fast as a bicycle through your backyard.

If I were a bunny, I would say, “I am soooooo fast!”

If I were a bunny, I would be curious.


By Anna

If I were a cat, I could jump from trees then lay around and sleep all day. 

Watch me as I run soooooo fast.

Know I have seen birds in the trees.

Feel me as I rub my head on your leg.

If I were a cat, I would say, “I am purrrrrfectly happy,”

If I were a cat, I wold be soft, with green eyes and a bushy tail.  


Please leave comments about these poems!  





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