Imaginative Writing by Division 2 and 3 at Henderson Annex

Not to be outdone by the older grades at their school, here are a few samples from our first after school writing club for grades two and threes.  Reader beware you will encounter Black Knights, Dark Aces and a twisted Pink Panther if you read on…

By:  Sehrtaj  Guilty or Not?

The Black Knight quietly floated into the room.  He had black everywhere.  His hat was crooked.  He looked like a black cat sneaking towards his prey.  His hood covered one of his brown eyes.  Was he guilty, or not?

By:  Garrick  Guilty or Not?

The Dark Ace teleported into the room.  He was wearing a red cap.  The Dark Ace’s eyes looked like he was wearing fake eyes.  The Dark Ace’s nose was kind of yellowish.  His jeans and jacket were dark.  Was he guilty, or not?

By Sayana:  Guilty or Not?

Her pink panther suit was glowing bright pink.  Her eyes were gold and they were creepy.  Her teeth were ugly.  They were green and had bugs and germs on them.  When she came up the stairs she stomped so hard that the stairs cracked. She snuck into the room and scared people away.  Her legs and hands were blue and had ants all around them.  Her body seemed like she had only fire inside.  Was she guilty or not?


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