Writer in Residence at Henderson Annex: Some Student Publications

Recently, I started an after school residency at Henderson Annex Elementary in Vancouver.  The students are amazing!  They are so enthusiastic and willing to explore new ideas.  This week, the grade 3-5 students wrote about what they would be like if they were an animal.  Together we wrote the following:


If I were a polar bear

I could be strong and face my fears,

Watch me as I survive.

Know I have seen mystical and adventurous things.

If I were a polar bear, I would roar and say, “I’m not afraid of you!”

If I were a polar bear, I would be…humungous.


Here are a couple of samples from last week’s writing assignment.

By:  Anand.  Guilty or Not?

The mysterious looking man wearing a monacle and a fedora hat limped into the room.  His beady eyes wandered.  He kept stroking his pointed beard with his white gloves as if he were pondering something.  He was dressed up in a white collared shirt, a red vest and a silver, silk tie.  Droplets of  sweat formed on his face as he checked his watch repeatedly.  Was he guilty, or not?


By:  Simrit  Guilty or Not?

Whoosh!  Somebody came through the door.  She had pointy heels that were as red as cherries.  Her shirt was as black as a bear’s claws and her jeans had a big hole in them.  She had nails that were as sharp as a bear’s teeth, painted as black as a raccoon’s stripes.  Her hair was in a bun held by a spider clip.  She looked very dangerous.  Could she be guilty…or not?


By:  Shumail  Guilty or Not?

Once there was a sneaky witch.  On a rainy day the witch did not even make a swoosh or a creak while she kicked open a trap door and swung down the banister.  She opened a door, eyes wide, and looked around to make sure no one was secretly spying on her.  She examined every piece of artwork in that so called room and absolutely admired it.  She turned around and sped up the stairs, taking a few pieces of the artwork with her.  She busted up through the trap door and slammed it behind her.  She cackled out loud as she stretched her back out the window.  Lightning shone on her hair.  She was definitely guilty, but would anyone ever be able to find her?


There will be more posts to come later this week and as our class continues!

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